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Digital Radiography

The use of radiology is of ever increasing importance in equine veterinary medicine. At Keystone Equine Veterinary Services we understand this importance and that is why we utilize advanced digital radiography. The Eklin Digital System offers images of unsurpassed quality and clarity. The images appear instantly on a laptop computer. This gives us the ability to make real time decisions for any additional views and the immediate treatment of your athlete.


Poor quality radiographs are of little value to the veterinarian. They can be misinterpreted and subtle lesions can be missed. Conventional radiographs will always be plagued with a lack of detail. With the use of digital radiographs, a lack of detail is a thing of the past.

Keystone Equine Vet Services strives to bring its clients the best in diagnostic equipment. In the world of radiography, the horse owner should demand nothing less than a digital system.




Diagnostic ultrasonography is very important imaging modality for examining soft tissues. Injured tendons and ligaments can be scanned to assess the extent of damage and direct a course of therapy. Preparation of the area to be examined is essential to acquiring a high quality image. Generally, the area must be clipped, cleaned and a contact gel applied. Ultrasound images are archived by Keystone Equine to allow for future comparison to chart the healing process.


Portability and high quality image acquisition allows Keystone Equine Vet Services to employ the use of ultrasound as a diagnostic tool anywhere at any time.


Upper Airway Endoscopy

More commonly known as "Scoping", upper airway endoscopy is performed by passing a flexible fiber optic camera up the nose of your horse. We are then able to view various structures of the nasal passages and laryngeal area as well as the trachea and esophagus. We are able to diagnose airway problems like laryngeal hemiplegia (roaring), epiglottic entrapment or displaced palate. Additionally, we can evaluate sinus openings and the guttural pouches if we suspect infection or tumor development.

Airway obstruction can be a leading cause of poor performance or fatigue in the horse. Nasal discharge, cough and airway noise can all be possible reasons to look a little deeper into the airway. Call for more information if your horse is having persistent issues that scoping may be beneficial for.